This page contains information that you should know before booking a shoot with me including my cancellation policy, personal limitations, working in extreme conditions and frequently asked questions. If you feel I have missed anything out, please free free to contact me and ask.

Rates & Booking Fee:
My rates are in line with my experience and levels I work to as well as the standard professional modelling rates local to the area I am travelling in. For all shoots I require a minimum of 2 hours. Discounted rates are available for longer bookings of four or more hours. For multiple day bookings a further discount may be applied. A 25% deposit is required to secure all bookings - I accept payment by transferwise/direct bank transfer.

Please contact me directly for rates in your area.

Cancellation Policy:

Modelling is my full time job and sole source of income and therefore I need to have a cancellation policy in place. This is particularly important when I am travelling overseas.
- Cancellations made within 2 weeks of the date of the shoot - 50% of the agreed shoot rate is payable
- Cancellations made within 3 days of the shoot - 100% of the agreed shoot rate is payable.

It is generally unlikely that I will be able to fill a cancelled space at short notice, hence the cancellation fee. However, if I manage to fill the space, the cancellation fee will be refunded to you.


Working with me & Limitations

- Generally my time starts from the time I arrive at the shoot location until the booked time has elapsed. I count makeup time, clothing changes, lunch breaks etc as work time. I apply my makeup quickly and professionally and I don’t waste time while changing. If we are shooting in an unusual location or somewhere particularly far away, I am more than happy to negotiate on this.
- In general, I will not pose in an overtly sexual manner while nude. I am very comfortable with my body and enjoy free flowing between poses, but I will not agree to lewd poses, open leg or anything else that may be considered ‘adult’.

- I ask that you would respect my personal space and not to touch me while we are shooting – this is particularly important when I am posing nude. If I have a hair or piece of clothing out of place, do say and I will fix it. If there is a particular pose you would like me to do, by all means demonstrate it, but please do not move me physically.

- Please consider that I require food and drink during a shoot. Modelling tends to burn up many calories, which can also be exacerbated by extremes in temperature/extreme conditions.


Extreme Working Conditions

I have been put into dangerous and harmful situations in the past that have resulted in permanent scarring and illness.
Please be aware that I may refuse to enter a location or do a pose if I think it could damage my health (i.e. old location with asbestos or broken glass). I always strive to push myself to achieve the best, but I am not prepared to kill myself in the process. If you think the location may be dangerous, please inform me and I will be happy to help mitigate.

I am happy to work in more extreme conditions, but I do ask that the shoot be managed appropriately with regular breaks to warm up and hot drinks, if cold for example . If you want me to shoot in a place that may be particularly cold/hot please discuss it with me beforehand so we can see what arrangements can be made.


Posting Photos
I reserve the right to ask for a photo to be erased if it exceeds my shoot style limitations as outlined above. Generally it never comes to this.
Modelling with Others
I am generally happy to pose with another model, depending on the concept and style of the shoot. I must however, be informed of who the model is, what the concept is and have agreed to modelling with them with ample time before the shoot.
Second Shooters
If you wish to share the cost of the booking by having a second photographer, this will have to be discussed and agreed upon first. I will need to know who the other photographer and receive a link to their work also. If you would like to have more than two photographer on a shoot, there will be an additional shoot fee (generally a 40% loading).
I have a great deal of experience in modelling for workshops and am available for hire as a model for workshops. The fee will have to be discussed pending workshop format and genre, time, participants fee etc. Generally, workshop rates will be higher than one-on-one rates.
Painters/Sculptors Muse
I have had the great pleasure to model for a couple of painters and sculptors in the past, and it is something I enjoy immensely. If you wish to book me for an artistic project like this, then please contact me using the Contact form.